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What Is a Swim Spa?

Stainless steel swim spa installed sunken under decking in a garden

To put it simply, a swim spa is a large hot tub you can swim in. It is a dual-purpose pool which has hot tub facilities and a built-in counter current for swimming on the spot continuously.

A swim spa has an integrated counter current at one end of a pool to allow the user to ‘swim’, against a flow of water. The other end of the pool features access steps and hot tub facilities such as seating and massage jets.

A swim spa is a self-contained unit with all of the inbuilt technical equipment, operating in the same way as a hot tub i.e. all the equipment required is found within its footprint. To be a true swim spa, there should be no separate plant room otherwise it is in fact just a swimming pool with a separate plant room.

Swim spas are complete units which are manufactured and wet-tested off-site before installation. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, and overground, sunken or semi-sunken. They are very versatile and offer a simple solution to those wanting a luxury swimming pool without all the faff.

Man swimming against counter current in a stainless steel swim spa

How big are swim spas?

Thanks to its clever compressed design, a swim spa is ideal for smaller and more compact spaces either indoors or outdoors. Without the need for a separate plant room, swim spas are popular in family homes, gardens, rooftops and smaller commercial facilities to create a functional luxury space without the need for a lot of square footage.

SpaFlo designs and manufactures bespoke stainless steel swim spas so the size is flexible and can be designed to fit any space.

What is the optimal size for a swim spa?

We would need to allow at least enough space for a swimmer to comfortably swim in the pool whilst others enjoy the seated hot tub area at the other end. It should be small enough to be versatile in terms of its location and powerful enough to allow the user to swim naturally.

An optimal size is around 5.0m x 2.6m externally. This size allows 0.5m to accommodate the counter current unit plus a up to 1.0m swim distance from the unit for optimal resistance. We then add another 2m-2.5m for the swimmer and lastly have space at the back of the swim spa for the hot tub seating and jets, as well as any steps if required.

Typically SpaFlo uses one of three counter current units to deliver the appropriate power, depending on the size of the swim spa.

What are the benefits of a swim spa?

There are many benefits of a swim spa, particularly when compared to standalone swimming pools or hot tubs.

  • Combines swimming and hot tub capabilities into just one installation
  • Swimming against a current requires much less space than a regular swimming pool
  • Swim spas are one compact unit so no need for a separate plant room
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors very easily
  • Can be installed above or below ground very easily
  • Swim spas are manufactured and tested off-site so installation can be very quick and painless.

How much are swim spas?

You might be wondering what the cost of a swim spa is and if it's really worth it? Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this as it completely depends on your budget and the space you have. Many of our customers have chosen swim spas because they offer the benefits of both hot tub and swimming pool, without the need for excessive space (or budget). This makes the cost of a swim spa seem totally worth it. SpaFlo bespoke swim spas have been installed on rooftops, in smaller gardens and on yacht decks where the limited space has been fully optimised.

For a SpaFlo stainless steel bespoke swim spa, prices start from around £55,000.00 plus VAT. Please contact Richard at SpaFlo to discuss.

SpaFlo bespoke stainless steel swim spa installed in a private garden