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Stainless Steel
Hydrotherapy Pools

Experience the healing power of hydrotherapy with one of our stainless steel hydrotherapy pools.
Our hydro pools provide a therapeutic, rehabilitating whole-body treatment with controlled temperature, pressure and movement of water.

Hydrotherapy Pools for Rehabilitation

Our goal is to deliver a striking, highly functional pool that is designed to benefit physical wellbeing.

We’re also proud to provide pools to hospitals and medical centres to aid physical therapy and rehabilitation.

At SpaFlo, we supply bespoke hydrotherapy pools, beautifully made to meet individual requirements. The stainless steel hydro pools combine durability and aesthetic appeal; built to withstand the higher water temperatures associated with such pool therapy.

man and woman relaxing in a bespoke stainless steel hydrotherapy pool

Using Hydrotherpay Pools

Hydrotherapy pools can be used in rehabilitation to increase the range of movements for stiff joints, reduce pain, increase muscle strength and increase exercise tolerance. Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is scientifically proven to benefit both physical and emotional wellbeing.

girl swimming in outdoor stainless steel pool
Jet of water in custom-made stainless steel hydrotherapy pool fitted in a spa

Why choose SpaFlo?

At SpaFlo we manufacture all of our products from AISI 316L Stainless steel as it is ideal for the swimming pool and spa industry. SpaFlo has been involved in the pool and spa industry for many years and we ensure all our fabrications meet or exceed SPATA and PWTAG guidelines to give our clients complete peace of mind.

Sanus per aquam

The Latin ‘sanus per aquam’ which many believe to be the origins of the word ‘Spa’ translates to ‘health through water’. Hydrotherapy pools, vitality spas and swimming pools all promote health, wellbeing and relaxation. SpaFlo pays homage to this by offering market leading products that can relieve hypertension, reduce stress levels, improve sleep and genuinely relax and revitalise bathers.

All our pool and spa fabrications are free standing and self-supporting which ensures ease of integration into any setting. Whether they are buried in the ground, half-sunken or completely above ground, our manufacturing techniques ensure the product will surpass any project requirements.

hydrotherapy pool jets for custom hydro pools

Get in touch

Whatever your hydrotherapy pool requirements, please contact us to discuss the endless possibilities with SpaFlo.