3 year warranty on all stainless steel shells.

What is a plunge pool? It could be the perfect addition to your outdoor (or indoor) space.

A small, square stainless steel cold plunge pool with handrails to aid entry and exit

A plunge pool is a compact alternative (or companion) to a swimming pool. Desirable and bespoke, with meticulous attention to detail, it’s ideal for the style-conscious homeowner who adores the water.

In this blog, we’ll explain what a plunge pool is, the benefits of installing one, and how a plunge pool could be the perfect addition to your outdoor (or indoor) space.

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Everything you need to know about Japanese Soaking Tubs

A traditional wooden Japanese Soaking tub known as a Ofuru, in a tranquil Japanese spa room surrounded by rock landscaping and steam

How a Japanese Soaking Tub could change the way you relax and restore your body.

Japanese soaking tubs have arrived! One of the very latest trends in home bathing, they offer a space-saving, stylish, oriental-style bathing experience.

The unique feature of the Japanese soaking tub is that you sit down to soak. So as you take time out of your busy life to recharge your body and mind, you’re also looking after your posture. It’s the perfect place to unwind and indulge.

But what exactly is a Japanese soaking tub? And what are the other benefits making it a must-have addition to your bathroom? Read on to find out!

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3 year warranty on all stainless steel shells.
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