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Bespoke Stainless Steel Spas

Our beautiful, bespoke, stainless steel spas provide a luxurious finish to any residential or commercial property.
At SpaFlo, we combine years of design and manufacturing experience, first-class customer service, and unbeatable knowledge in the installation of our products.

Customised Design & Build

All of our custom-built stainless steel spas are tailored to meet our clients’ needs and requirements.

The stainless steel itself provides a visually striking, sleek finish; whilst being easy to clean and maintain. The lifespan of our spas is also considerably longer than that of other materials.

Our ergonomically designed spas include powerful recessed massage jets to add further comfort and invigoration for bathers.

Our sustainably designed spas are corrosion-resistant and durable, both indoors and outdoors. They are easy to maintain, contemporary and sleek in design; providing an unbeatable finish.

  • bespoke stainless steel spa pool in luxury spa
  • inside a stainless steel spa - custom made with lights and jets
  • stainless steel spa hot tub set above ground on a london skyscraper

The perfect choice for the swimming pool & spa industry

At SpaFlo we manufacture all of our products from AISI 316L Stainless steel as it is ideal for the swimming pool and spa industry. This grade of stainless steel ensures maximum corrosion resistance when welding is required due to its lower carbon content over the standard AISI 316 grade.

We also fully appreciate the functionality of the filtration system that will run the end product. SpaFlo has been involved in the pool and spa industry for many years and we ensure all our fabrications meet and/or exceed SPATA and PWTAG guidelines to give our clients complete peace of mind.

stainless steel cold plunge pool with steps and ladder
smooth water jets in bespoke stainless steel spa pool

We carefully design every spa pool panel to allow for precision laser cutting of each section before it is welded together. The shell is then encased in a box section frame which adds further structural support and ensures the finished product sits perfectly level. All water and air massage jets, lights, suctions and filtration fittings are clamped and bonded to the stainless steel shell and then wet-tested to ensure that the product is watertight.

All our products are heavily insulated to retain as much water heat as possible. We also have the capability of delivering the products in sections and completing the final welds on site which allows large products to enter sites with limited access.

Why choose SpaFlo?

We thrive on designing bespoke vitality spas and hydrotherapy pools as they offer so many health benefits to bathers as well as cost savings throughout the build and lifetime of the installation.

To enrich our spa pools, we can integrate bubbler stations, tubular seating and loungers, volcano air pads, bespoke waterfalls and unique handrails.

looking inside a bespoke stainless steel spa hot tub with the jets off

Why choose Stainless Steel Spas?

  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Durable, long-lasting materials
  • Steel produces beautiful aesthetics
  • Custom, luxurious designs

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