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Resistance Swimming

Resistance swimming is a form of pool swimming where the swimmer is ‘unrestrained’ in a pool and the water is set in motion by a form of mechanical propulsion allowing the swimmer to swim against a ‘wall’ or ‘flow’ of water.
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SpaFlo designs & manufactures bespoke resistance swimming pools and spas using counter-current technology for an endless swimming experience.
SpaFlo works with private and commercial customers and can also retrofit a choice of counter current units into an existing pool or spa.

Resistance Swimming Pools

Resistance swimming pools, or ‘swimmer pools’, are swimming pools with counter-current swimming machines installed to create an endless swimming experience.

At SpaFlo we design and manufacture using the highest quality stainless steel and a choice of counter-current units with various power capabilities for different size swimming pools.

We design and build for both private and commercial customers, building motion swimming pools of all sizes to suit your requirements.

swimmer swimming against a counter current in an endless swimming pool
Resistance swim spa with counter current swimming machine and hot tub jet features

Resistance Spas & Hot Tubs

A resistance swim spa is a dual-purpose pool which has hot tub facilities and a built-in counter current for swimming on the spot continuously. They are commonly referred to as a ‘swim spa’.

A swim spa has an integrated counter-current at one end of a pool to allow the user to swim against a flow of water. The other end of the pool features access steps and hot tub facilities such as seating and massage jets.

Thanks to its clever compressed design, a swim spa is ideal for smaller and more compact spaces either indoors or outdoors. The ideal size is only 5m by 2.6m; even this small size allows enough space for a swimmer to comfortably swim in the pool while others enjoy the hot tub at the other end.

Counter-current swimming units

SpaFlo can also retrofit a resistance swimming counter-current unit into an existing spa or pool. We have extensive knowledge of the various counter-current pool units and their power capabilities, allowing us to retrofit a unit into your existing pool and transform it into a motion swimming pool.

The units we tend to work with are either hydraulic (most powerful), electric turbine (mid-power) or electric water pumps (standard power). Deciding on the right unit depends on a variety of factors including, swimming purpose, budget and pool size. Get in touch to discuss your project.

counter current unit installed in a spaflo resistance swim spa

Bespoke Design and Build

Swim spas and counter-current pools are complete units which are designed, manufactured and wet-tested off-site before installation. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, and overground, sunken or semi-sunken.

The layout, jets, lighting, plumbing, counter current system, seating and steps can be completely tailored to the individual pool. Just like our stainless steel hot tubs, you can enjoy white or colour-changing lights as well as many other luxury extras such as speakers, rising TV’s and water cannons and floating steps.

SpaFlo endless swimming pools are engineered using market leading electrical controls and filtration equipment. We install UV systems which also help reduce the amount of chlorine required in the water, easing the discomfort chlorine can have on some bathers' eyes.

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