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Colin Jackson Joins SpaFlo to Launch ContraSpa

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The UK's First Contrast Therapy Spa

Olympian Colin Jackson joins SpaFlo on stand A19 at SPATEX to launch the UK's first contrast water therapy spa. Created by SpaFlo's founder, Richard Gowland, after spotting a gap in the market for a dual-use single shell spa that provides hot and cold water therapy.

Many SpaFlo clients have relied on just hot tubs, and some have used their hot water spas as a cold water plunge and then jogged to their sauna. This new concept in the spa world creates a unique opportunity for people to enjoy an immediate cold and hot water and contrast water therapy.

The ContraSpa for Contrast Therapy

The ContraSpa was created by Richard Gowland, founder of SpaFlo, who created the UK’s first-ever dual-use contrast therapy spa to help those striving for the ideal health and wellbeing hydrotherapy regime.

A first of its kind on the market, the luxury spa design is based on the company's logo and ethos, with a unique Ying / Yang separating the hot and cold water whilst allowing easy access through cleverly integrated steps. The ContraSpa is made using UK-sourced sustainable commercial-grade steel and clever lighting highlights the hot and cold areas, ensuring it looks beautiful. Controls are wifi and touchscreen enabled.

The ContraSpa offers immediate hot and cold contrast with access through integrated steps on each side of the spa. The spa offers cold water as low as 5 degrees and hot water up to 40 degrees Celsius, along with jets to provide maximum hydrotherapy benefits.  As with all SpaFlo hot tubs and spas, the ContraSpa can be fully personalised to individual specifications and is perfect for both residential and commercial settings.

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Contrast Therapy

Contrast water therapy to aid wellbeing has been researched for many years, first outlined by Professor Sebastian Kneipp. It is the process of moving quickly from hot water to very cold water. Contrast water therapy is one of the oldest researched natural water therapies with extensive wellbeing benefits. Cold water therapy is incredibly popular, but contrast water therapy allows users to move from one space to another, increasing the benefits and time spent doing the activity. Regular contrast water therapy users may boost their immunity, aid recovery from injuries, support DOMS recovery, and some suggest it can boost your metabolism. Many people also use it to enhance their sleep and support their mental wellbeing. You can learn more about the benefits of contrast therapy in our blog.

Olympian Colin Jackon joins SpaFlo to launch ContraSpa

Athletes like Olympian Colin Jackson have used cold water therapy for years. Colin is excited about this pioneering new water therapy as it will help enhance his water therapy sessions which will help increase muscle recovery or preparation, reduce lactic acid buildup, boost their immunity, and support their overall wellbeing.

Joining the SpaFlo team today as an ambassador for the launch of SpaFlo ContraSpa, Colin comments, "I used cold water therapy throughout my years as a professional athlete and now working with the next generation of elite athletes. It is exciting to be working with the team pioneering the at-home cold & hot water therapy spa. The benefits of cold water and hot water therapy have been documented for many years, and it is exciting that SpaFlo has launched this UK first to help people harness the power of contrast water therapy."

Richard Gowland comments, "Health through water is at the heart of what we do. Spas, pools and water features all have their unique wellbeing properties. In contrast, water wellbeing has been around for many years. I am delighted to launch the first ever single shell and dual use UK contrast therapy water spa to market to help people benefit from the wide-ranging advantages of cold & hot water therapy from their homes."

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