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Benefits of Stainless Steel

Why we only manufacture from stainless steel

Stainless steel has an abundance advantages over other types of materials. There are many reasons why it is used for heavy use areas that encounter water, like exterior handrails and kitchen sinks. When it comes to spas and pools, stainless steel provides the best solution in the long term, and the robust and durable material still looks amazing years down the line. SpaFlo are focused on creating stunning, luxurious, custom-built spas and pools, and that is why we only manufacture from stainless steel.

empty stainless steel bespoke spa

What are the advantages in using stainless steel for hot tubs, spa's and pools?

Swimming Pool icon
Sleek contemporary designs
Hot Tub icon
Smooth surface free from grooves creating the most hygienic pool or spa possible
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Long lifespan without compromising on quality
Weighing scales icon
Dramatic weight reduction when compared to concrete pools and spas
Cleaning icon
Easy and quick to clean providing low maintenance costs
Frost icon
No risk of frost damage, no need for special winter treatment
Tiles icon
No risk of tile failure or delamination in the make-up of the product
Ultra Violet icon
No chance of colour change or bleaching through Ultra Violet rays
water icon
The combination of water and stainless steel produces excellent aesthetics
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Varying shades of blue water depending on choice of lighting installed
durability icon
High level of material elasticity prevents many possible issues
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Economical to operate due to the substantial insulation

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