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Stainless Steel Hot Tubs

Enjoying a relaxing dip in a hot tub is rapidly becoming a national pleasure for many.

The Ultimate Luxury Hot Tub Experience

At SpaFlo we manufacture the ultimate in luxury stainless steel hot tubs.

Our stainless steel hot tubs are not prefabricated - we design and build bespoke hot tubs for every customer, helping you to create a stunning pool spa for your home, garden or wellbeing space.

Luxury bespoke stainless steel hot tub, custom-made and fitted on a gorgeous rooftop  settings in london

Customised Design

SpaFlo stainless steel hot tubs are engineered using market leading electrical controls and filtration equipment. We install UV systems which also help reduce the amount of chlorine required in the water, easing the discomfort chlorine can have on some bathers' eyes.

Our standard hot tub sizes are 2.0m and 2.2m and are available as round or square shells. The height of the standard spa hot tub is 1.0m above ground. We can create unique shapes and sizes to satisfy any customer requirement.

powerful water jet on a rooftop bespoke stainless steel hot tub
Stainless steel hot tub with water jets on - set in UK outdoor private garden

Customised Build

Jet and plumbing layouts can be completely tailored to the individual so you can choose the amount of large, small, air or lounger jets and exactly where you want them. You can also enjoy a choice of white lights or colour changing lights as well as many other extra requests such as hidden rising TV's and speakers which will really finish your hot tub off with a touch of luxury and class.

All you will need to install your stainless steel hot tub is a solid, flat bed for it to sit on, a local water supply and a local 32A electrical supply. The stainless steel shell helps to retain the heat and reduce running costs, even for outdoor settings.

Why choose Stainless Steel Hot Tubs?

  • Long life-span
  • Bespoke, luxurious designs
  • Excellent insulation lowers running costs
  • Steel produces beautiful aesthetics
  • Easy to clean & maintain
Window Fronted Stainless Steel Hot Tub SpaFlo

Glass Fronted Hot Tub

Our one-of-a-kind window fronted stainless steel hot tub boasts many outstanding design features and can be custom-built to your specifications. Originally designed as a one-off, SpaFlo glass-wall hot tubs have been growing in popularity from clients looking for something extra luxurious for their space. Window fronted hot tubs work particularly well in gardens where the water can help the pool blend itself into nature and its surroundings.

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