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The Ultimate List of Luxury Christmas Gifts

Champagne glasses standing in a table with christmas decor

What do you buy for the person that has everything? We’ve taken a light-hearted look at some of the most extraordinary and super luxurious Christmas gifts; and all agree we would be happy to receive almost any of them! They might be out of reach for many but in each gift idea, we can fully appreciate the craftsmanship, attention to detail, innovation and use of high quality materials or ingredients that we at SpaFlo can identify with. We truly believe the heart of Luxury is as much about originality and individuality as it is about quality and we all strive to give the best gift we can – even if that gift is our time or something we have made with love.

The Luxury Harrods Hamper

If giving food is your thing, Harrods offers the ultimate hamper, including two types of caviar, festive seasonal favourites, like Christmas pudding and a whopping 15 bottles of alcohol - including champagne and cognac. Harrods Ultimate Christmas Hamper caters for every luxury Christmas eventuality, even offering some pasta for those that have tired of Christmas fare.

‘With all the decadence and indulgence you could possibly desire, it offers a curated selection of wine, tea, coffee, mince pies, marmalade, nuts, caviar, chocolate, foie gras and more, satisfying every craving imaginable. Plus, it’s presented in signature wicker baskets, making it an exceedingly thoughtful gift for one very lucky recipient’, according to Harrods.

Luxury Harrods Hamper

The Most Complex Watch

Dubbed ‘the most complicated watch in the world’, the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega watch really is an exercise in unprecedented numbers: 36 complications, 25 of them visible, 1,483 components, a 1000-year calendar, a price tag of 2.7 million dollars, and 5 years’ work. The name of the Aeternitas comes from Latin and means eternity. It is in tribute to the eternal calendar in the Aeternitas Mega that follows a 1000-year cycle renewable to infinity.

$2.7 million
The Aeternitas Mega

The Unforgettable Experience

The Kidnap, Capture and Evasion Experience really is a unique gift for the person that has everything. It might seem unbelievable that people would pay money to be 'kidnapped' but for adrenaline junkies looking to be tested in a realistic military scenario, this day-long adventure offers just that.

‘A riveting encounter with professional military personnel, this one of a kind experience will test you in ways no other experience will. As you are going about your day, your world will be abruptly turned upside down as you are captured by a group of masked mercenaries. Disorientated and confused, your mind will start ticking. Who are these men? What do they want? Neither is important. The only critical issue is that you must escape’, according to Truly Experiences.

Tailored specifically for the individual(s), a one-of-a-kind kidnap scenario and storyline is set up by the organisers. Based on a tailor-made script, the ‘captives’ will have to work together to escape. With only an army surplus survival kit and food rations at their disposal, they will be tested both mentally and physically in a real life rescue mission fraught with danger and adventure.

The Kidnap, Capture and Evasion Experience

The Most Expensive Pen

The pen is mightier than the sword; it’s also a whole lot more expensive. For collectors, some pens are like paintings; a thing of beauty, created skilfully and viewed as a status symbol. One such pen is by Florentine brand, Tibaldi that unveiled a pen called the ‘Fulgor Nocturnus’. This gorgeous writing instrument recently sold for a staggering price of $8 million at a charity auction.

The word ‘Fulgor’, means dazzling brilliance, splendour, or radiance. ‘Nocturnus’ means that which occurs at night. So the full name of this pen might be translated as the splendour of night.

The design is based on the divine proportion of Phi, which means that the proportion of the pen’s cap and the barrel of the pen when closed are equal to the Phi ratio, which is 1.618. The Fulgor Nocturnus also comes with its fair share of bling: 945 black diamonds along with 123 rubies to be exact. The Fulgor Nocturnus pen has 16 clips above the small button on the cap and a gold nib for durability. The pen is truly a collector’s piece, in every sense of the word, as only one exists in the entire world.

$8 million
Fulgor Nocturnus

The Most Extravagant Car

With a price tag of £14.4 million, the Bugatti ‘La Voiture Noire’ is officially the most expensive new car ever (though there is another car in production that may take that crown soon). La Voiture Noire is a one-off a homage to Jean Bugatti’s Type 57 Atlantic, which mysteriously vanished from a train travelling between the company’s Molsheim factory and Bordeaux in 1940. Were it to ever be found, it would likely be the most valuable car ever. Just four Atlantics were built and Ralph Lauren, who owns one of the two survivors, reportedly turned down an offer of $100 million for his.

Bugatti has not named the lucky buyer of the car, saying only that they are a ‘Bugatti enthusiast’, according to Bugatti boss, Stephan Winkelmann.

‘The true form of luxury is individuality’, said Winkelmann. ‘La Voiture Noire is now at the cutting edge of automobile production. It is a sculptural beauty with unique technology, the ideal grand tourer. With La Voiture Noire, we are paying homage to our heritage and bringing speed, technology, luxury and aesthetics forward to a new era. With our automotive haute couture, we have shown what Bugatti is capable of.’

La Voiture Noire

The Most Prized Champagne

Champagne is the ideal drink for celebrating Christmas with loved ones. The vintage 1996 Dom Perignon Rose Gold Methuselah comes in a six-litre bottle. It is particularly special in that only 35 bottles of the gold-plated design have ever been created. Each bottle of this coveted elixir is an excellent piece of art—beautiful in itself, treasured and highly collectible. The champagne comes in an extremely sensitive metal bottle, plated with rose gold which requires that sommeliers use white silk gloves to open or pour the contents.

Dom Pérignon owes its name to Pierre Pérignon, the famous monk and cellar master of Abbey de Hautvillers in 1668, who was also known as Dom Pérignon. Legend says that Pierre Pérignon discovered what is known today as the Champagne method.

The 1996 vintage is considered the pinnacle of this exclusive champagne. That particular harvest produced an outstanding combination of fruits for the 35 gold-plated bottles launched that year. However, some comfort can be found in the fact that each bottle contains six litres of exquisite nectar composed of 30% Chardonnay and 70% Pinot Noir.

£37, 350
Dom Perignon Rose Gold Methuselah

The SpaFlo Hot Tub – special edition

When is Hot Tub not a Hot Tub?
When it is a ‘Haute Tub’. Made to order with passion, craftsmanship, high quality materials, time and attention to detail, we have the limited edition SpaFlo window front hot tub. If you’d like to give the gift of Sanus per Aquam (health through water) this Christmas, then this (in our eyes) is the ultimate gift.

The window front is unique, allowing you to see the beauty of the water adding a stylish touch to an already super-stylish, sleek stainless steel hot tub. Stainless steel has many benefits as a material; it retains heat better than other commonly used materials and has anti bacterial qualities. Many hours of time and labour go into the creation of this limited edition hot tub, particularly in the design, cutting, welding, passivating and the hand crafted assembly at our UK based workshop. Like all SpaFlo products this is a one-off, so a unique opportunity to gift something that no one else has. We can even gift wrap it for you!

The SpaFlo Hot Tub – special edition

 stainless steel hot tub with full height window at the front - the ultimate luxury hot tub - available now for delivery