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The Health Benefits of Bathing in Hot Water

Researchers have estimated that up to 80% of disease is stress related. Spa treatments or hot tub bathing are not just acts of pampering dedicated to pleasure; they contribute to body care with very important effects.

Here are some of the main health benefits that hot water brings to the human body:

Relaxation for body and mind

The first and most striking effect of a hot bath is definitely the feeling of relaxation, both physically and mentally. Immersion in hot water helps to reduce the accumulation of stress and tension, promoting a sense of wellbeing. Relaxation of the body also helps to relax the mind, allowing you to forget for a little while about any worries, stress and anxiety.

 woman relaxing and destressing in a warm water swim spa

Image alt: woman relaxing and destressing in a warm water swim spa
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Helps fight insomnia

General body relaxation from a hot bath also helps to facilitate sleep. This is because when a tense body is immersed in hot water, the temperature rises and the muscles relax, causing a sense of torpor. Having a hot bath before going to sleep can therefore help you fall asleep.

Help for muscular pain, rheumatism and arthritis

The Arthritis Foundation recognises the benefits of hydro massage and warm water exercise to help relieve arthritis pain. A bath in hot water can also have beneficial effects in cases of muscle pains, rheumatism and arthritis: the relieving of these discomforts also depends on the body’s general relaxation caused by immersion in water and its high temperatures. Being in water reduces body weight by approximately 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles and making it a safe and gentle environment for warm water exercise. It’s for this reason that it is usually advised to bathe after sports activity: the action of the water helps relax muscle fatigue and prevent pain caused by overexertion or small injuries that may occur during a particularly intense workout

Helps improve circulation

All treatments that utilise heat properties have the effect of stimulating blood circulation. Hot water exerts a slight pressure on the body, which prompts the heart to work harder, increasing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure at the same time: a series of effects that work like real heart training, promoting its health and that of the whole body.

woman relaxing in hydro pool bubbles warm water with sun on her face

Detoxifies and Purifies Skin

Hot water is also beneficial for skin health. Heat helps pore dilation, allowing the water to penetrate deeply and exert a complete cleansing action that can remove any toxins that accumulate in the more superficial layers of the epidermis. After a hot bath the skin will not only be cleaner but also smoother and more toned.

So the benefits of bathing in water have been known since ancient times, with modern and thermal medicine, health and wellness tourism all now an established part of the therapeutic landscape.