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Things To Consider When Building a Rooftop Swimming Pool

Rooftop stainless steel hot tub in london

Rooftop pools and hot tubs have gained popularity in recent years amongst home owners, spa owners and hotels. The idea of transforming an under-utilised private space into a luxurious oasis is undeniably appealing. Large sunken pools may not be feasible on your rooftop space so above ground rooftop pools and spas provide the perfect solution, offering a host of benefits without the need for costly and time-consuming construction.

Planning consideration for a rooftop pool

Careful planning and design are essential for a successful installation. There is a lot to consider such as the pool's size, shape, depth, weight and access points.

The space should be evaluated for sun exposure and wind conditions to ensure the spa will be positioned in the optimum location at the most beneficial time of day.

Depending on your surrounding area, you may need to get a permit or permission to build a rooftop pool. You should enlist the services of a structural engineer to ensure the rooftop can bear the weight of the pool and the water within. You should also check what is covered with your home insurance policy in the event of a leak.

You might also need to consider any neighbouring houses and whether or not your rooftop pool will infringe on their privacy or space. Permissions aside, it's important not to upset the neighbours.

Structural Considerations for a Rooftop Pool

Rooftop pools and spas may impose additional load on your building's structure. You should ensure the roof can handle the additional weight before installing an above ground pool or hot tub. Reinforcements may be necessary to strengthen the existing structure, such as additional support beams or steel frames.

In addition to the weight considerations, you should consider the shape and position of the existing roof. A flat roof makes sense for installation but you will need to think about drainage and run-off in very wet or snowy conditions.

You might also want to think about installation day. Most rooftop pools and hot tubs will be made off-site and may need to be lifted onto the roof via a crane. You will need to consider access for installation e.g. how tall is the building? Is there crane access? Would it need to be lifted over anything in the way?

Plumbing considerations for a rooftop spa

Your pool will need access to a water supply, power and suitable drainage facilities and this will be needed for regular maintenance. Drainage needs to be considered carefully not just for pool maintenance, but also for overflow, leaks and spills.

Safety considerations of a rooftop pool

Building on a rooftop requires an extra level of safety considerations when compared with standard installations. You will need to consider if the roof has appropriate barriers and gates, especially if children or pets will be using the space. Non-slip flooring and adequate lighting would be beneficial to minimise risks.

Rooftop design and aesthetics

Installing a luxury rooftop pool wouldn’t be complete without considering the aesthetics and landscaping of the surrounding area. Introducing plants, shrubs and small trees can add to your calming oasis and create a serene atmosphere. Consider adding comfortable seating, shade structures and lighting to optimise the space for relaxation and entertainment.

How much does it cost to build a rooftop pool?

The cost of installing a rooftop pool depends on all of the above considerations. You could expect to pay £25,000 and upwards for a bespoke stainless steel hot tub, but you’ll need to consider delivery and installation costs on top of your other building and planning costs too.

For example, you’ll need to budget for any initial structural changes, insurance costs, installation considerations and of course, how much you want to allow for the aesthetics and landscaping.

Choose the right pool & spa company

Here at SpaFlo, we have plenty of experience designing, building and/or installing rooftop pools and hot tubs. SpaFlo designs and builds stainless steel hot tubs, pools and spas for residential and commercial spaces and clients. We can help you to make sure your rooftop space is equipped to handle a hot tub or spa and guide you in the right direction if adaptations need to be made. Our stainless steel hot tubs are a bespoke design and build for each customer, allowing you to create the perfect spa experience for your rooftop garden.

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