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Stainless Steel Water Wall Feature

Indoor or Outdoor waterfall wall feature with stunning stainless steel and mosaic tiling

Stunning water wall feature set in stainless steel - falling water window

The SpaFlo Water Wall is a stunning water feature with a constant and recirculating supply of soothing water running over a square window set in stainless steel. It can be added as a feature to any indoor or outdoor space to bring the relaxing benefits of falling water to those nearby.

Scientists have highlighted the importance of waterfalls and the sound of running water to human health and general wellbeing. We sleep better when we are near bodies of water and we tend to feel relaxed when we are near waterfalls, rivers, lakes and oceans.

In line with our ‘Sanus Per Aquam’ (health through water) ethos, it’s a natural step to bring the sensation and joy of running water to our homes, gardens and workspaces where we can.

Our prototype SpaFlo Water Wall premiered at SPATEX 2023 is made from stainless steel and can be produced to any size and to suit your requirements including personalisation.
The Water Wall is suitable for indoor use or as an outdoor water feature and includes the reservoir and pump to run it. ‘The sound of running and falling water is calming and soothing; it brings health benefits to an office, restaurant or spa environment with its relaxing properties’, says Richard Gowland, Founder & MD at SpaFlo.

The main SpaFlo Water Wall features include:

The model displayed at Spatex measures 2.5m wide x 2.5m tall and is made from 316L stainless steel sheets.

The ‘window’ is in plexiglass acrylic; the same plastic used for pool windows, due to its strength, its ability to remain colour-safe under UV rays and for its overall clarity.

The WaterWall also features a smart pumped filtration water circuit that delivers back to the upper weir through both side columns.

The Special Projects Division has developed a unique and secret overflowing weir design to deliver the perfect flow of water.

The base trough and plant equipment is covered in a mosaic-tiled unit; which can also feature an array of different finishes, if preferred, for complete personalisation.

Price: £POA

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SpaFlo window of running water - stunning water wall feature window with mosaic tiles.

The benefits of a Waterfall Wall Feature

  • The sound of running water offers a soothing atmosphere, helping those nearby to feel more relaxed and calm.
  • Adding humidity to an indoor space is good for colds, flus and wellbeing.
  • Plants will love the added humidity to an indoor space
  • Feel more connected with nature and the elements
  • A luxurious finish adds a stunning feature to any indoor or outdoor space

Where to install a Waterfall Wall Feature

The Spaflo Water Wall is designed for any indoor or outdoor area and it will bring benefits to any space. The waterfall wall would make an exceptional feature in an office space, offering a calm and relaxing atmosphere for those working nearby.

The Water Wall can also make a stunning feature in a reception or waiting area, particularly in health and wellbeing centres focused on calm and serenity.

Equally, the SpaFlo Water Wall makes for a gorgeous feature in any home or garden.